Website Upgrade

Just a quick note on activities this past month.  As you can see from my website, I’ve been able to get out into the local environment and enjoy our gardens and the wildlife they attract.  It has been an interesting time watching the birds raising their young.  We’ve had young Downey Woodpeckers come in with […]

Sunday Morning Solitude

Sometimes travel is necessary to better understand we might already be in a good location to figure out what is important; a concept relayed to me by Kathleen from writings of the Buddhist Monk Thích Nhất Hạnh.  Last week, on a business trip, I walked the streets (and hills, and hills, and hills!) of Seattle, […]

Imbolc – Springtime for our future?

The month of January is a period of rest, where the earth is rejuvenating and moving slowly toward the re-awakening of spring. February 1 marked St. Brigit’s Day or the Celtic feast of Imbolc. This marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox, and really is the beginning of spring. Looking out […]

Good Riddance to 2016!

All I can say is phew; whether it was grit and determination, some higher power, or perhaps just pure dumb luck – take your pick – we made it to the finish line of 2016! In many ways it was a rough ride and I for one am ready to move on to a new […]

Postcards from Galway

It has been two weeks since our return and I have to say, we really miss Ireland. The glow from the trip has been difficult to maintain, so I am postulating that sharing some of our fondest memories of the trip will prove cathartic as our country winds its way through the political and social […]

Inis Mor

In the early monastic tradition, the monk would set off in a small boat, alone with no rudder or oar, allowing the winds and the current to carry them to their destiny. While our journey did require crossing a part of the North Atlantic to reach the Aran Islands, one has to wonder about the […]

A Day of Rest

Sunday – a day to rest, recuperate  and ponder what we have experienced; and that somehow feels right given we finally have a day to experience the true Irish weather. Yes, after several beautiful days we now have intermittent clouds, sun, and blowing rain – and that is all within the last couple of hours! […]

Brigit’s Garden

Today we finally began our exploration into the lore and sites of ancient Ireland – shifting our focus beyond Galway. Up to now my exploration has been only in stories and books – not really experiencing a place where time has passed in centuries, far outpacing the youth of America. It has been incredible to […]

The Land of Eire

There is something totally surreal about traveling for 22 hours through 3 airports, over 3,000 miles, to another land! After the final 6 hour leg across the Atlantic, crammed into a crowded plane, I think we really need to change our views of retirement in this country. Traveling like this during or nearing retirement is simply […]

Welcome Friends!

As we move into fall, my favorite time of the year, I am always ready to welcome the end of summer and enjoy the fruits of the harvest. The weather turns cooler, a change of season is evident by the beautiful colors that abound and a renewed vigor by the creatures as they too welcome […]

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