Faithful Companions

It is a rare privilege to have these fine companions enter one's life. They come with no pretense other than to love and be loved, and they give freely of themselves. These Shelties have made our lives richer for their presence, but their time on this earth is far too short. Their intelligence, faithfulness, joy for life, and desire to be nothing more than they are should be an inspiration for us all to live by. We love them while they are here and we miss them deeply when they leave, hopefully to a place where we can all be reunited one day.

Tiggr  by Terry Alexander

Tiggr - June 1990 to June 2002

Tiggr was our first little sheltie boy, raised from a pup he didn't understand he was a dog. When we first met, he came bouncing into the room just as a tiggr should, and let us know in no uncertain terms that he was adopting us! He was so smart the neighbors used to call him the human dog and at his obedience training final exam his performance was so perfect everyone wanted to know where we put the batteries - but that's a sheltie for you.

Mellie by Terry Alexander

Mellie - July 1999 to October 2005

Mellie grew up herding goats on a farm after a failed adoption. After we rescued her at age 3 we quickly discovered the poor behavior reported by the previous family was really Mellie's way of turning everything into a game. She lived in Mellie world and expected everyone else to do the same - there was no right or wrong - just a zest for life which she gave freely.

Reggie by Terry Alexander

Reggie - July 1996 to October 2011

Reggie was also rescued at age 3 after being dumped by his previous family - his little heart was shattered. Mellie quickly became his true love and the two of them were great friends. After losing Mellie, he turned into somewhat of a curmudgeon but lived a long full life. We called Reggie our stretch model sheltie - his body seemed to continue on for several inches longer than expected which gave him great speed and agility. Perhaps because of the losses in his life, Reggie had a wonderful gentle soul.

Maria Bella by Terry Alexander

Maria Bella - June 1999 to November 2014

Mia was the most loving sheltie we ever rescued and we miss her every day. When she first came into our lives after spending 6 years in a puppy mill her coat and muscle structure was extremely under-developed earning her the nickname of cartoon dog - when she sneezed it actually propelled her backward! She could shift from clown to protector in a heartbeat but never missed the opportunity to snuggle with her mom.